Office Setup – Nowadays businesses aren’t restricted by geographical barriers, which involves a universally used program in every office premise. this is often where Microsoft Office comes in because it is employed widely within the offices all round the globe. Every industry and sector avails the esteemed apps and features of MS Office; be it schools, hospitals, offices, or banks. Microsoft Office also referred to as Office may be a family of premium customer software manufactured and distributed by Microsoft. Office proves its worth by offering over 100 languages compatibility and extensively used apps like Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Every working individual or student can enjoy MS Office because it fulfils the ever diverse client demands. you’ll get the premium Office applications by downloading, installing, and activating it on

How to Easily Download Microsoft Office on Windows or Mac

The premium functions of MS Office can be downloaded on Windows or Mac by pursuing the following steps:

  1. Open the PC and launch any preferred web browser.
  2. Go to the link
  3. In case you are not logged in on the site, press “Sign In.”
  4. Any account varying from work, Microsoft, to school can be associated with Office depending on your choice.
  • In case of a Microsoft account:
  • Go to the home page of Office.
  • Click on Install Office.
  • Again choose Install.
  • In case of a work or school account:
  • Go to the home page of Microsoft Office.
  • Begin the installation process by selecting Microsoft Office.
  1. Office setup file will now be downloaded on the system.

How to Easily Install Microsoft Office on a Windows PC

You can easily install MS Office on any Windows system through the following instructions:

  1. Depending on the web browser you are using, select one of the following steps:
  • In case of Internet Explorer or Edge: Click Run.
  • In case of Chrome browser: Tap Setup.
  • In case of Firefox: Press Save File.
  1. Selecting one out of these steps will begin the installation procedure.
  2. The installation process time depends on the system specs.
  3. Once you reach “You’re all set! Office is installed now” tab, the installation will be wrapped up.
  4. Press Close to finalize the procedure.
  5. Search any of the Office application to use it.

How to Quickly Activate Microsoft Office on Windows

Office can be quickly activated on a Windows system through the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. You can locate the Office applications by pressing the Start
  2. Enter down any of the Office apps such as PowerPoint.
  3. Locate the application icon from the results.
  4. You will now see the license agreement on the screen.
  5. Carefully read the agreement and accept it.
  6. Office is now activated on your system.

How to Easily Install MS Office on a Mac

To easily install MS Office on a Mac, go through the presented instructions:

  1. Open the Downloads folder after you have downloaded the setup file.
  2. Locate the file by the name of Microsoft Office installer.pkg. (The name can differ)
  3. After you see the installation screen, click Continue.
  4. The license agreement will now be visible on the screen.
  5. Read through it and click Continue.
  6. To agree with the terms and conditions, press Agree.
  7. Select the way you wish to install MS Office and press Continue.
  8. Ensure to confirm the required specifications for installing Office.
  9. Now click on Install.
  10. If the user password is asked, then enter it.
  11. Press Install Software to proceed further.
  12. Press Close, to finish up the installation.

How to Easily Activate MS Office on a Mac

To quickly activate Microsoft Office on Mac, follow the presented instructions:

  1. Launch the Dock and then press the Launchpad
  2. Look for any Microsoft app option like Word and click on it.
  3. You may see the What’s New window after opening Word.
  4. Press on Get Started to activate Office. | Office Setup | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer

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